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Aim; make more knowledge on sparrows available worldwide.
Make this knowledge more easily accessible for everybody interested.
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Welcome to this projectSite of Stichting Witte Mus

Stichting Witte Mus, translated; Foundation White Sparrow, is a charity organisation in the Netherlands.
We aim to make the Netherlands a suitable place to live for the house sparrow again, and preferably for all the life surrounding the house sparrows aswell.
We think it is necessary to enhance the common knowledge of as many people as possible, on the life of house sparrows and other sparrows.

Actually we find this to be true for every part of wildlife on this planet, but other organisations are taking care of that, and we aim to do this for the sparrows.
One of the projects we started for this purpose is this house sparrow research website. The intention is to gather as much research material as we can on house and other sparrows, and everything related to them, and make all of it available for everybody through this website.

If you want to help us do so there are serveral ways open to you.
  • If you have done research that concerns the sparrows of the world in any way,
    you could send it to us with your permission to publish it on this website.
    Please use the below mentioned e-mail adress to contact us for this.
  • If you have written papers or articles on the house sparrow and any other sparrow, or anything that concerns them, you can considder sending us that, for publication on this website also.
    Again; please use the below mentioned e-mail adress to contact us for this.
  • If you want to help but have no papers to contribute to this site, you can help us financially. Use the big blue button "online doneren voor de huismus" (donating online for the housesparrow) to do so.

Foundation White Sparrow / Stichting Witte Mus
Dijkweg 162
1619 HJ Andijk
The Netherlands
telephone: +31(0)228 59 3313
fax: +31(0)228 7202

More information about us you can find on our website
At the moment this is still in Dutch.
An english presentation on our work you can find there via the
powerPoint on Foundation Witte Mus.

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